Tornado Twisters are 40cm long delicious fried & flavoured potato snacks served on a stick.

The potatoes are cut into a spiral using our specialised slicing machine and stretched out along the stick before being deep fried.

Fryers are able to handle up to 10 twisters at a time, making this an ideal product to be served in high volumes in a very short period of time at large events & venues.

A variety of mouth-watering flavoured salts are available to finish off the delightful treat.

Our supersized 40cm Twister is just one aspect that sets us apart from our competitors.

Our potato cutting machines are fitted with tamper proof counting devices to ensure that every potato cut is recorded.

Potatoes are only cut to order so there is no wastage and every cut results in a sale.

Daily opening & closing counter readings are submitted along with detailed sales reports.

Sticks & Potatoes are strictly controlled and usage is cross-referenced with counter readings to verify daily sales.


- Aromat
- Butter Salt
- Cheese
- Cheese & Onion
- Cajun Chilli
- Fruit Chutney
- Salt
- Salt & Vinegar
- Sour Cream & Chives
- Spicy Mexican
- Mixed Spice